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5 Life Changing Lessons from Dad Part 2 – GDP029

“5 Life Changing Lessons from Dad Part 2” Episode Overview:

Shawn and I did things a bit different for this episode.  We really wanted hear from our audience.  So, I reached out on social media and posed a question:

“What was one life changing lesson you learned from your dad growing up that has inspired you to be a better man?”

The responses were incredible.  We chose five quotes from five different fathers and then reflected on each quote.  If one of these quotes really hit home, tweet it.  You never know who needs inspiration and you could literally change someone’s day and life.

Life Changing Lesson #1 from Jay Forte

“My mother, when teaching us how to cook, would tap us on the head and say, “When you know your ingredients, you can make something good.” Then in the next moment she would tap us on the heart and say, “When you know YOUR ingredients, you can make something good.”

What a great quote!  Truly illustrates knowing our strengths and using them for the greater good.  Everyone of us is born with gifts and strengths.  Being able to recognize what we are good at and sharing with the world is the best thing we can do.

Life Changing Lesson #2: from Jeff Watts

“Always wear a belt if your pants have belt loops.”

Shawn and I got off on a tangent on this one (sorry Jeff LOL!).  All kidding aside, this quote is a great reminder to always pay attention to detail.  Also, to always stay curious about the world around us.

Life Changing Lesson #3 from Coach Jelani Bush:


“Don’t wear your head as a hat rack!”

Short, simple, and to the point.  Use your brains to make purposeful and good decisions.  Simple as that.

Life Changing Lesson #4 from Katie Logan

“Don’t call him.  If he is interested, he will call you.”

For all you men out there who have daughters…make sure you share this one with them.  Katie is spot on here.  For the most part, guys are pretty simple creatures.  If we are interested in a woman, it’s usually pretty obvious.  On the other hand, if we are not interested, it’s pretty obvious as well.  For all the dads out there who have daughters…I have no doubt you wouldn’t want your daughter wasting time and stressing about a guy that you know is not interested.  This quote will save a ton of time and heartache.

Life Changing Lesson #5 from Mike Rekart:

mike rekart

“One night I overheard my son praying…”Dear Lord, please help me be the person my dad wants me to be.”  Later that night I prayed…”Dear Lord please help me be the father my son needs me to be.”

This one was just epic!  Reason being, there are so many meanings in this quote.  One thing Shawn and I took from Mike’s quote was “shared vulnerability.”  This quote illustrates how important it is to a child that they are accepted and loved by their fathers.  Moreover, it shows the desire from a father’s point of view to want to be guided to be the very best.  The Good Dad Project Show, Community, and Resources are exactly that…a resource for dads to be their very best.

Thanks again for checking out our show!  If you are an avid listener of the show or this is your first time…WELCOME to the GDP!  Check out all of our resources for fatherhood and simply being our best.

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