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Undeniable Proof That It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams

In this week’s Thursday Throwdown, I talk about why you must pursue your dreams and that it’s never too late to begin the journey.

If you listened to the last episode of The Good Dad Project, then you heard Diamond Dallas Page’s incredible story of beginning a wrestling career at an age when most athletes are retiring. It was DDP’s dream since childhood, and he took a chance that catapulted him to the career he always wanted.

At the age of 35, 45, or 55 many men think their opportunity has passed, but if you’ve ever felt the pull to do something with your life and refuse the call, you do a disservice not only to yourself, but to those close to you. If you’re unhappy, unfulfilled, and full of regret over not living to your full potential, it will affect the lives of your family.

Don’t retire with decades of unhappiness behind you and arrive at your death bed thinking “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve.” What might you accomplish? What could you do to push the gas pedal on your dreams today? Write a book. Start a blog. Start a company. Don’t know how? You don’t have to do it alone. Hire a writing coach. Get a business coach. Find a mentor or a mastermind group. Speed things up by cutting the learning curve. Seek those who’ve done this before you. Invest into your passion; step into the unknown.

It’s never too late, put a plan into action.

Like DDP who took a leap of faith. He decided to work hard and follow through with his dreams because life is too damn short.


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