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Overcoming Addiction and Being a Better Dad

Overcoming Addiction…It starts as something simple, it seems to help us escape from our daily routine and stressors, harmless enough. Eventually, it takes more of our time because the relief it gives becomes necessary. Over time, though, we notice other parts of our life start to falter and this “thing” begins to seem more like an albatross around our neck rather than a release. But we’ve grown so accustomed to its presence that we don’t know how to shake it: the monkey on our back, the “addiction”. The word addiction is so seamlessly connected to drug, alcohol, gambling and pornography abuse that we can’t possibly associate it with anything else. But, addiction is really anything that steals our time away from other responsibilities to the detriment of our daily lives.


It doesn’t have to be a drug…


It can be anything from working too much to our golf game to even our health. The kicker is, whatever we are doing that takes away from our other daily obligations and loved ones is simply a symptom of a possibly stronger underlying issue. Maybe we are working really long hours to avoid dealing with a situation we simply do not want to address or maybe we are so obsessed with our health because we fear not being well enough to take care of our family. The intentions may be good, but we really need to take a look at why we engage in these behaviors.


Overcoming Addiction and What To Do?

Take a moment a evaluate how it’s affecting your life. If this thing or hobby is taking away from the areas of your life you hold near and dear to your heart, look at how you can curb this habit. Anything can become an addiction if we allow it to control other areas of our life.


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