How to Make Your Wife Fall in Love with You Again and Again with Spencer Burnett
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How to Make Your Wife Fall in Love with You Again and Again with Spencer Burnett

Why would we bring on a dating coach when most of our listeners are married? If we’re not mindful in our marriage, it will fizzle out. After so many years with the same person, we get comfortable, complacent, and lazy. Whenever we do try to do something new, our wives may reject us and we shut down.

Today we have dating coach and relationship expert Spencer Burnett on the show to talk about how to make your wife fall in love with you again and again. He shares his secrets on pursuing a woman confidently and from a place of service for better communication, intimacy, and attraction.

Married, divorced, and single dads will walk away from this show with a game plan for the relationship they want with the woman they truly desire.

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Spencer Burnett

It’s Spencer Burnett’s mission to help men embody the best version of themselves so that they can attract and keep the women they truly desire. His journey began when he was a successful guy with everything going for him. All he needed to complete his life was the girl he always dreamed of, a girl he had been close to for years. Spencer assumed she shared the same feelings for him, but when he finally professed his love to her, she told him she thought of him as a really, good girlfriend.

He was completely blindsided. Being friendzoned so harshly turned his world upside down. He wondered, what was he doing wrong? Spencer realized he was going along with what he’d been told by society to attract the woman he wanted, but it was a lie. The old alpha male persona wasn’t working. Spencer spent the next ten years trying to figure out how to stop impressing and start connecting with women. Now he is ten months into a new relationship with a woman he’s crazy about.

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What You’ll Learn

  • That men’s IQ lowers when they approach women
  • Why being programmed to breed as animals gives us conflicting thoughts
  • Why our hunting instincts turn off and we get lazy in relationships with the women we wanted so badly
  • Why we don’t see it coming when our wives are unhappy
  • Our role as conscious creators and kings
  • How to view ourselves as kings without taking on arrogance
  • How to see yourself as royalty and allow yourself to serve your queen
  • Changing to the mindset of service
  • The pointlessness of looking to the external world for validation
  • How to naturally emanate confidence (not arrogance)
  • How to create the evidence of your greatness to build unshakeable confidence
  • How taking away all worldly vices helps you to meet yourself
  • How today’s independent women don’t need the same alpha male type anymore
  • How men can cultivate more beta traits (vulnerability, listening, honesty) in an empowered way to give women what they need
  • Examples of communication starters and communication mistakes
  • The danger of avoiding ourselves
  • The mistake of diving into hobbies, habits, and work when things go wrong instead of connecting
  • How to start dating our wives again without seeming needy
  • Creative ideas for acts of service for your woman
  • How to have conversation with your wife on topics besides the kids
  • How to get more sex
  • Advice for divorced guys and single dads
  • How to put action behind your love instead of just words

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Build confidence, remove anxiety, talk to women with ease.


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