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Productivity Rules for Winning the Week with Demir Bentley

A lot of the time as husbands and fathers we find ourselves in the mode of busy-ness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are productive. Being busy does not always equal that we are productive, but if we actually focus on productivity, we will actually lead a more fulfilling life.

The question then becomes, how do I actually do that? How do I not get sucked into these distractions and these other things that I could be doing but don’t move the needle at all. 

My guest, Demir Bentley, is a renowned productivity experte and co-founder of The Life Hack Method. He comes from a successful background in Wall St., being burned-out from working 80 hr. work weeks. The Life Hack Method is a methodology that combines accountability with hard-hitting productivity techniques that will get us to take action. 

Demir has personally coached executives from Facebook, Google, Uber, PepsiCo, and Lexar. And his clients have added millions in revenue and saved thousands of hours after implementing his coaching.

Before starting Lifehack Method, Demir & his wife Carey worked in the CPG, government, technology and finance industries. Their work has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many other media outlets.

Fun fact: They live a nomadic lifestyle and are based out of Medellin, Colombia

What You’ll Learn

3:54 Interview Begins

4:33 Getting into Productivity

Demir Bentley shares the story of how he got involved in productivity, even though he was a very disorganized person who would do 80 hours of work for 40 hours worth of work. In his mid-30’s he collapsed at work. He got diagnosed with salaryman sudden death syndrome, which literally means you work yourself to death.

 7:07 The Busy Badge

Larry and Demir talk about that guy at the BBQ that when asked how he is doing, he proudly will wear his BUSY BADGE and share that he is so busy.

Demir Bentley’s Links

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