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Matt Schneider – Understanding The 3 Relationships We Have in Marriage

Matt Schneider brings a wealth of experience as a serial entrepreneur with a portfolio that spans diverse industries. His journey from law enforcement into the business world, including roles such as the EVP of Fit Pro Tracker and founder of multiple successful enterprises, illustrates his fearless approach to entrepreneurship.

Today, Matt shares his personal journey of breaking the cycle of unhealthy relationships he witnessed growing up, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing and fighting for a successful marriage. The conversation highlights the value of friendship within a marriage, showcasing how shared interests and mutual respect can strengthen the bond between partners.

The discussion also touches on the importance of self-awareness and understanding one’s own goals and aspirations, as well as those of their partner. Matt and Larry emphasize the need for clear communication, curiosity, and appreciation in a relationship to foster growth and support each other’s dreams. They also discuss the impact of conflict resolution and setting boundaries in front of children, demonstrating healthy ways to navigate disagreements and maintain respect within the family dynamic.

Overall, the episode serves as a reminder of the ongoing work and dedication required to build a successful marriage, with a focus on communication, mutual support, and shared experiences. Matt Schneider and Larry Hagner’s insights provide valuable lessons on how to cultivate a strong and lasting relationship based on friendship, understanding, and a shared vision for the future.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Embrace challenges to strengthen relationships.
  2. Prioritize mutual support and understanding in marriage.
  3. Involve children in family goals and planning.

What You’ll Learn

00:00:16 – Discussing Past Rites of Passage

00:01:01 – Recalling a Pivotal Ice Bath Experience

00:01:47 – The Impact of a Supportive Voice

00:02:50 – Facing Fears and Building Resilience

00:04:03 – The Power of Parental Presence

00:06:06 – Reflecting on Matt Schneider’s Background

00:09:30 – Exploring Matt’s Relationship with Father Figures

00:10:37 – Anticipating Fatherhood and Breaking Cycles

00:14:53 – The Realization of an Unusual Family Dynamic

00:19:16 – The Importance of Fatherhood Mentorship

00:23:07 – Discussing the Impact of Divorce on Children

00:24:01 – The Challenges of Marriage and Commitment

00:25:16 – Nurturing a Strong Marriage with Shared Activities

00:29:57 – The Importance of Friendship in Marriage

00:31:56 – The Role of Self-Discovery in Strengthening Relationships

00:34:09 – Learning About Each Other Through the Enneagram

00:37:07 – The Significance of Being Best Friends with Your Spouse

00:41:04 – The Importance of Fighting for Your Marriage

00:43:26 – Setting Goals and Aspirations as a Couple

00:46:57 – Involving Family in Goal Setting and Achievements


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