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Mike Donehey – Lovingly Disagree and Flourish

Mike Donehey is a professional musician and podcast host of Chasing the Beauty. His professional career started with founding Christian music band Tenth Avenue North, and has lead up to the release of his new solo album, Flourish. In today’s episode Larry and Mike discuss how to navigate the heated moments in relationships.

Mike shares how he gets validation through his beliefs. He shares the importance of being able to give thanks for the good things that come our way and not be defensive or defeated when we find out how flawed we are. 

Mike also discusses how he commits to marriage with his wife. He explains that trust is essential in any relationship. It is important to trust the other person and to know they have your best interests at heart. This trust is also important when it comes to parenting. Mike and his wife have a system in place to ensure they trust each other with parenting duties. They also have regular date nights and pray together to stay connected.

Finally, Mike shares his thoughts on raising strong, young, and confident young women. It is important to be their for your kids, when they need you, and to call a spade a spade. This is a great reminder that our kids need our trust, love, and support. We should make ourselves available to them. It’s not enough to be present, we need to be open.

Enjoy, apply, and live legendary gentlemen!

Larry’s Takeaways

  • How we can disagree respectfully
  • How we can remain calm during a heated argument 
  • What it takes to elevate your marriage and raise 4 young daughters despite living a busy celebrity life

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What You’ll Learn

00:04 Respectful disagreement leads to progress.

06:42 Respectful disagreement is key.

14:26 Laughter is key to success.

25:00 God wants us alive.

27:54 God is the ultimate validation.

38:30 Trustworthiness is key in relationships.

44:37 Stay monogamous and pray together.

50:33 Be a supportive side of the pool.

54:28 Focus on your kids’ interests.

59:37 Speak the truth in love.

1:06:20 Be kind and gentle.

1:12:12 Listen and understand first.

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