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The Truth About Your Kids and Technology: Exclusive Dad Edge Alliance Q&A with Cal Newport

We’re just beginning to understand the impact of the internet and smartphones on society. Our time and attention are sucked away, and we look at a screen instead of our real lives. Energy for valuable activities is drained from us and we have nothing left for creative thinking. The long-term effects technology has on our kids’ wellbeing and development is even more alarming, leading to mental health issues and addictive behavior.

Today we have a fascinating conversation with our previous guest, Cal Newport, the author of Digital Minimalism. He joined our Dad Edge Alliance Mastermind to answer questions about:

  • The unknown effects of too much screen time on our kids
  • How the best way to shape the way kids use technology is to be an example
  • Why screen time is especially dangerous when used for escape
  • How to set practical boundaries around device use
  • How to use boredom to unlock creative juices
  • How to get kids on board with limiting device time
  • The disturbing effects of social media on teenage girls
  • Why multiplayer games are creating the worst addictions
  • How tech subverts our human drives
  • What to do when kids need tech for school work
  • How to teach kids to deploy tech for useful purposes, not entertainment and avoidance
  • What to do when your kids want to start their own social media audience, like a YouTube channel


Digital Minimalism with Cal Newport

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