Defying the Odds To Win at Life, Work, and Fatherhood with Brian King

Brian King is a man of INSPIRATION to say the least!

As men, we have a tendency to want to fix things, and when we get stuck, we sometimes don’t want to ask for help. But, this can create issues that leak to other areas of our lives; causing situations that could most likely have been resolved had we just reached out for help. The notion that we should get touchy-feely with a stranger to solve a problem doesn’t always sound appealing, not to mention time-consuming. But if we could have a “coach” that knew how we worked, and could help us out in a short amount of time, those issues that get us stuck might just become pivotal points of learning.

Brian King and His Amazing Story

Brian Raymond King is just that guy. With a background in social work, author of six books and a unique background that allows him to have insight into helping others solve their own challenges, Brian coaches people to be their best selves. Our host, Larry Hagner, has even worked with Brian himself.

Reach Out

It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. As a matter of fact, it’s a sign of strength. Demonstrating this for our children when we face challenges only gives them the strength to ask for help when they need it most as well. Not asking for help locks us into the same patterns of repeating behaviors that get us nowhere.

Brian King and 15 Minute Coaching

Having a coach, like Brian, helps us to unlock our highest potential. Look at it this way: say you’re a baseball player. If you hit the ball the same way every game and you continue to get the same stats, but you know you could do better, without a coach or another point of view, you most likely will not change your hitting style. But, if you have a coach, they can help you improve your swing and make you a better player. Same goes for your life. You have the tools, you just might need someone else to help you use them to their greatest potential.


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