Joshua Broome – From Pornstar to Pastor: A Story of Forgiveness and Redemption

Joshua Broome is an ex-pornstar turned pastor and the current chief strategy officer of Share The King. He has had a 6-year career in the porn industry, where he is known to be one of the most successful adult film stars. Today, he is known for his work in combating the lies of the world with the truth found in the word of God. Growing up in a small town in South Carolina with a teenage mother and no father, Joshua’s upbringing has shaped his identity and influenced his journey.  

Welcoming Joshua Broome and Unpacking the Topic

In this episode, Larry Hagner warmly welcomes Joshua Broome, a former adult film star turned advocate for positive change. Together, they delve into the intriguing trend of high podcast download rates paired with low social media engagement, especially on topics related to pornography. Larry takes the time to explore Joshua’s personal life, shedding light on his upbringing in a fatherless home and its impacts.

Facing the Realities of the Porn Industry

Joshua bravely shares the harsh realities he faced during his time in the porn industry, emphasizing the internal conflict between his personal values and the demands of his career. He openly admits that he, at times, allowed the industry to dehumanize him, conforming to expectations even when it went against his true feelings.

From Desperation to Redemption

Yet, Joshua’s story does not end in despair. It transforms into a powerful narrative of redemption and the discovery of faith and opportunity. Trapped in a cycle of shame and selfishness, a transformative moment occurred when a bank teller noticed his distress and asked if he was okay. This act of genuine concern set off a domino effect, propelling Joshua to leave the porn industry and embark on a new, fulfilling path.

Embracing Faith and Finding Salvation

Faith played a pivotal role in Joshua’s journey towards redemption. He attributes the internal nudges and premonitions to the Holy Spirit, guiding him towards connection, compassion, and ultimately, salvation. These divine interventions reminded him of the vital importance of human connection, ultimately leading him to leave the industry and find a new sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

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Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Grace and redemption are available to all. 
  2. Importance of finding what is true and rejecting the lies that lead us astray. 
  3. The power of acceptance and love in transforming lives. 

What You’ll Learn

00:05:09 Small town upbringing shapes identity.

00:10:44 Reconciliation requires letting go.

00:14:43 Forgiveness is essential for healing.

00:20:31. Exposure to pornography affects relationships.

00:22:43 External success won’t fix internal problems.

00:29:04 Believing in lies limits potential.

00:35:37 Detachment from reality is damaging.

00:43:56 Dehumanizing reality of adult industry.

00:49:02 Finding hope in unexpected places.

00:52:06 Redemption through faith and opportunity.

00:57:51 Finding love and redemption through honesty.

01:08:30 Transformation through love and acceptance.

01:13:20 Grace and redemption are available.

01:16:08 You don’t have to stay stuck.

01:20:43 Lies can be overcome with truth.


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