Joshua Broome – 7 Lies That Will Ruin the Lives of Men

Joshua Broome is a speaker, author, and coach who shares his powerful journey from a career in the adult film industry to finding freedom and purpose through faith. He is the author of “7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life” where he combines personal experiences with Biblical truths to help others find healing.

Joshua shares personal experiences and insights that shed light on the importance of surrendering to God’s plan and finding peace in the midst of turmoil. They touch on the concept of false purpose and the dangers of relying solely on one’s feelings and instincts rather than trusting in a higher power.

The conversation also explores the impact of guilt and fear-mongering in religious contexts, highlighting the need for a more compassionate and understanding approach to faith. Joshua Broome shares his own struggles with judgment and skepticism from others regarding his past in the porn industry and his journey towards redemption and faith. Through biblical examples and personal anecdotes, the episode emphasizes the transformative power of grace and the ability to overcome past mistakes.

Listeners are encouraged to reflect on the idea that no sin is too great for God’s forgiveness and that true faith is not about meeting a standard of holiness but about embracing the love and grace offered by God. The episode serves as a reminder that redemption is possible for all, regardless of past actions, and that true peace and purpose can be found in surrendering to a higher power.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Embrace second chances for deeper connections.
  2. Family and faith provide foundational support.
  3. Personal growth requires continuous effort and humility.

What You’ll Learn

00:02:47 – The Challenges of Fatherhood

00:04:50 – The Mind as Software

00:06:12 – Preparing for the Book Discussion

00:07:25 – The Dynamics of Having Four Boys

00:09:45 – The Quiet House Phenomenon

00:10:26 – Reflecting on Joshua’s Background and Book

00:14:23 – The Turning Point on the Plane

00:17:07 – The Bank Teller’s Impact

00:20:22 – The Power of Forgiveness

00:22:33 – The Importance of Small Acts of Kindness

00:27:21 – The Concept of Unforgivable Mistakes

00:29:07 – The Lie of Unforgiveness

00:32:08 – The Deception of Following Your Heart

00:37:23 – Finding Peace Amidst Chaos

00:39:11 – Maintaining Calm in Turmoil

00:40:18 – The Misuse of Fear in Faith

00:43:24 – The Assurance Found in Faith

00:44:57 – The Deterrent of Fear-Mongering in Religion

00:46:01 – Questioning the Genuineness of Faith


7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life

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