Jim Miller

Jim Miller: Living life without regret

Jim Miller is so much more than just an elite athlete in the UFC.

A piece of paper. Not much to it. Just a piece of paper. It’s one-dimensional and not very exciting. We don’t judge it; it has no feelings or emotions (ok, I know at one point it was a tree and it had a life, etc.). Paper is great for writing on, drawing on, making paper air planes, but there’s really nothing more to it. Sometimes, though, this is how we look at other people.

We don’t necessarily see what’s behind their decisions or life; many times we only look at the surface. Think of a fighter in the MMA cage: we see the fight, we witness the blows, but we don’t know what else is behind that fighter.

UFC Fighter, Jim Miller, is much more than the piece of paper or just a fighter in the cage. He’s a man of integrity with a strong sense of family, trying to balance work and life just like everyone else. However, he has a unique vision for how he approaches his life:

“I’d rather come out with a broken arm than come out completely unscathed.” TWEET THAT

Jim Miller lives everyday putting all of himself into it. He would prefer to suffer injury or pain (emotional or physical) if it meant that he left everything on the mat. After all, he says, the only thing you can control is the effort you put into life. This same philosophy is what he brings to parenting. As the father of four kids, Jim wants to teach his children that every day matters and, because of this, they should do what they love.

Jim Miller talks about his childhood

This method of thinking stems from his own parents. Growing up, Jim’s parents didn’t pressure him into wrestling. However, if he or his siblings wanted to do something there was one stipulation-give it their all. Like the other fighters Larry and Shawn have interviewed, one message is constant and clear: support your kids in what they want to do, but make sure they want to do it. This is their life; let them do what they love.

Family is everything

It’s obvious this characteristic is ingrained in Jim. When he’s in the cage, he clearly brings everything to the match (hence his success) and he loves his sport. Balancing this with supporting his kids and being there for his wife as well as growing his own business is not easy. However, Jim says, he does all of this for one thing: his family. Unlike the piece of paper, we are all multi-dimensional; we juggle many different responsibilities. The key, though, in this life, is to focus on our values, remember what is important, and bring our full effort each and every day.

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