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How To Dream Big and Conquer Your ​Aspirations with Diamond Dallas Page​

Today on The Good Dad Project I talk to wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page about his career, his new projects, and his tips on raising FOUR daughters!

DDP’s Career

For the few who don’t know about Diamond Dallas Page, he’s famous around the sports entertainment world of professional wrestling as “DDP.” His drive and ambition would lead him on an inspirational journey from being three-time world wrestling champion to his current endeavor of inspiring others to Own Your Life. DDP has developed his life-changing DDPYoga including books, audio cd’s and DVD workouts and is touring the country to promote his system.

Diamond Dallas Page dreamed of being a wrestler since he was a kid. He started practicing and entered a few matches, but abandoned his goal of becoming a wrestler when he began working in nightclubs and bars at the age of seventeen. Page loved the bar industry, especially all the perks he enjoyed as part of the scene. But when wrestling blew up, he felt he should have been part of it and deeply regretted giving up on his childhood dream.

One day, Page and his friend were having drinks in the back office of the bar he managed. He started riffing on ideas about a character named Diamond Dallas Page and his entourage of females called “Diamond Dolls.” Page wrote it all down just for fun. Little did he know that this seed of an idea would turn into his dream career.

Page began as a wrestling manager and ended up stealing the stage away from the wrestlers in the ring. He long thought he was too old to begin training to wrestle, but he couldn’t shake the dream. Eventually, DDP made the remarkable leap into professional wrestling at the age of 36.

Diamond Dallas Page, the former good guy of World Championship Wrestling “turned bad” continues to be one of the most recognized and respected superstars of professional wrestling. Also known as the “people’s champion,” his contagious popularity can be credited to his unshakable confidence and positive energy.

DDP As a Husband and Father

Back in Page’s days as a bar manager, one of his best bartenders was abandoned by the father of her two girls. They were left with a mortgage for a $400K home and nothing else. Page stepped in and took on the roll of the father and has looked after them ever since.

His other two daughters he had with his wife, Brenda. Brenda and the two girls now help Page with DDP Yoga and his other endeavors. He says the relationship they have together now is amazing.

Dad Wisdom for Raising Daughters

Diamond Dallas Page says that living in a household with 5 women was a challenge, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the drama. He suggests the following:

  1. Breathe. The most important technique DDP uses to diffuse a situation is deep breathing. When drama ensues and emotions run high, he coaches his girls in breathing for up to five minutes before actually beginning to discuss the problem.
  2. Mediate. He also would sit his daughters in a room and break the issue down. The reason for the fight is usually below the surface, and he would force them to communicate and be accountable for their behavior.
  3. Don’t yell. As a professional wrestler, DDP knows how hard it is to control your voice when you’re angry, but he says that once you start yelling and emotions get involved, you’re not hearing them anymore.
  4. Listen. Bite your tongue, shut your mouth, and listen to their side of the story.
  5. You can’t be their buddy all the time. It’s important to learn how to say no sometimes and tell them why you are saying no.
  6. You’re not always going to do it perfectly. Page says that nobody’s going to be a perfect dad. Don’t beat yourself up about making mistakes, but…
  7. Learn from your mistakes. You can’t keep making the same blunders and expect it to turn out differently. If something is isn’t working in your relationship with your daughter, try a new approach.


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