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How to Improve Your Well-Being in the Face of Adversity with Brian Bisher

Brian Bisher

Brian Bisher is a member of the Dad Edge Alliance and is the owner of his own health and wellness company. Brian brings us some interesting perspectives on your mental and physical well-being. Another topic Brian shares with us is how we can not only be physically present in our kids’ lives but also emotionally present. Being emotionally present with your kids provides them with a deep emotional connection to you. Kids associate love with time spent, not money spent.

Deep emotional connection creates an environment of psychological safety for our children. As fathers, we can provide not only physical protection and safety but also provide a space where our children can tell us anything. Your kids want to feel as though they are heard and important. When they hear these affirmations, it fuels their mental state and well-being.

What You’ll Learn: 


Brian introduces himself.


Brian talks about the one thing he enjoys the most about being a dad.


Brian talks about what it was like growing up with a dad who was not emotionally present and how it affected his well-being.


Brian talks about how becoming a father has changed the way he does things in his life.


Brian talks about how he has discovered his core value of deep emotional connection and how he uses that with his kids.


Brian talks about what he says to his son to reaffirm his love for him. He says, “Hey, I love being your dad.”


Brian talks about how it’s good to create new experiences with your kids even if you fail. If kids see you fail, it reminds them that parents aren’t always perfect and that’s okay.


Brian talks about the advice he would give men to become better physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Brian talks about when we don’t get results instantly, it makes us feel bad about ourselves.


Brian talks about the Mastermind strategies he has implemented since joining the program.


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Brian Bisher



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