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Connor Beaton – Strategies for Balancing Fatherhood and Personal Development

Connor Beaton is a men’s life coach, founder of ManTalks, and an author focusing on men’s wellness and personal growth. He integrates Jungian psychology and somatic therapy into his coaching and speaking engagements​.

In this episode of the Dad Edge podcast, host Larry Hagner and guest Connor Beaton talk about the power of voice in conveying emotions and creating a comfortable environment for effective communication. They discuss how slowing down speech and being mindful of tone can reduce anxiety and improve relationships.

Connor Beaton shares his expertise in voice training and music, explaining how a person’s voice can reflect their internal state. He suggests that speaking quickly or in a high-pitched tone can be indicative of anxiety or discomfort. By intentionally slowing down speech, individuals can bring attention and presence to their delivery, thereby potentially reducing anxiety and creating a more calm external perception.

The conversation also extends to the impact of voice in parenting and marriage. Connor Beaton emphasize how their calm demeanor and voice can influence the behavior and emotions of their children and partners. They note that when they are calm, their children and partners also tend to be calm. This demonstrates that voice plays a crucial role in creating a sense of safety and comfort in relationships.

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Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Voices can evoke specific emotions. 
  2. Awareness about the need for connection and support among men. 
  3. Prioritize preventive care for relationships. 

What You’ll Learn

00:02:00 Voice can convey internal state.

00:05:22 The quality of rapport with a therapist impacts therapeutic outcomes.

00:10:51 Lack of male role models.

00:18:41 Men need connection and support.

00:26:26 Men need strong male friendships.

00:27:53 Preventative care for relationships.

00:34:17 Porn creates dependency and pseudo-attachment.

00:38:43 Men seek intimacy through pornography.

00:44:23 Communicate desires without fear.

00:49:31 Lead with feelings, not logistics.

00:57:20 Take control of your relationships.

00:59:26 Podcast discussed concepts and tactics.


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