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Clifton Corbin – Your Kids and Their Money

Clifton Corbin RFC®, MBA, is a passionate financial literacy advocate, author, experienced business consultant, and a registered financial consultant. With over two decades of experience as a business consultant, he shifted gears from his two-decade-long business consulting career to become a full-time stay-at-home dad. This new path spurred him to author “Your Kids, Their Money” a book providing parents with the know-how and strategies to impart financial literacy to their children.

Today, Clifton and Larry delve into the importance of financial literacy for children and discuss practical ways parents can guide their children towards financial savviness. From understanding allowances to managing first jobs, Clifton’s approach makes financial education accessible and interesting.

As a father himself, Clifton understands the importance of preparing children for a world where money management is a constant necessity. He emphasizes the value of incorporating financial lessons into everyday activities, making learning a fun and natural process for kids.

In addition, Clifton stresses the significance of cybersecurity in an increasingly digital world. He provides resources and guides for parents to ensure their children are safe online, further underlining his comprehensive approach to financial education.

In conclusion, Clifton D. Corbin underlines the necessity of early financial literacy and offers practical and engaging ways to teach children about money. By incorporating financial education into daily activities and safeguarding their digital interactions, parents can ensure a bright financial future for their children.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Manage debt responsibly.
  2. Talk openly with kids about money.
  3. Learn financial literacy skills.

What You’ll Learn

00:04:15 Importance of Financial Literacy for Kids.

00:07:32 The Role of Allowances in Financial Education.

00:12:56 Cybersecurity for Children in the Digital Age.

00:17:18 Teaching Budgeting and Money Management.

00:23:40 Incorporating Financial Lessons into Daily Activities.

00:26:52 Preparing Kids for Financial Decisions.

00:31:25 Embracing Technology in Financial Education.

00:37:40 Creating a Foundation for Financial Success.

00:41:30 Advocating for Financial Literacy Education.


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