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Burn It All to the Ground and Start with Truth with Garrett White

Garrett White

Garrett White is a husband, father, the founder of Wake Up, WarriorWarrior Week, and the author of the Warrior Book. Garrett is known for his brutal delivery and no BS attitude when it comes to helping men live the life they were meant to live. In his book Wake Up, Warrior, Garrett uses these techniques to shake men by the shoulders and find their purpose and passion in life. He uses the tools he learned in his own life and shares them with men all around the world.

Today, we are going to be talking about how we were born warriors with big dreams for our lives. However, many of us are getting beaten down and overwhelmed. We suffer silently and alone and have no idea how to break out and become the men we want to be. Garrett talks to us today about how we need to get clear on what we want or we’ll lose everything. He stresses that men can’t figure out their own lives if they’re sitting around waiting for it to happen. You have to wake up and figure out how you can become better as a husband, father, and business owner.

What You’ll Learn: 


Garrett talks about his family situation.


Garrett talks about the effect his wife’s miscarriage had on their lives.


Garrett talks about how the questions, “Is this all I was born to be?” and “Is this what I really want?” affected his life and marriage.


Garrett talks about how men can reach the truth about who they want to be in their lives.


Garrett dives into the fear men feel when communicating their feelings to their wives.


Garrett talks about how we can have better conversations with our wives about our sexual needs.


Garrett talks about his experience with sex therapy.


Garrett dives into Warrior Week.


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