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Surfing Waves & Raising Strong, Confident Women with Laird Hamilton

You probably know who he is. He is definitely in the limelight and that is Laird Hamilton.

He’s best known as the American big wave surfer and a pioneer in the world of action water sports. In addition to his affinity for the water, Laird is labeled as an inventor, an author, a stuntman, a model, a producer, TV, host, fitness and nutrition, expert husband, father, and adrenaline junkie. Most important though, for you guys listening to this show, he is not only all of those things, but for those of you who are dads with daughters, this podcast is definitely for you.

He is married to the ridiculously successful and beautiful Gabrielle Reese. They also have three daughters. They split their time in several different, beautiful places like Hawaii and Malibu. And as you guys know, you can find Laird, obviously chasing the big tides out in the ocean, because that is what he is known for.

I have to tell you, I really didn’t know what to expect out of today’s show. I’ve followed Laird for a long time.  I gotta tell you, I really enjoy talking to him. He really goes into detail about how he goes about marriage with Gabrielle and also how he goes about raising strong, young, confident women in his life.

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What You’ll Learn

5:42 What Was It Like Growing Up
Laird talks about how it was growing up for him in a very simple way and describes his father being a fixer upper. Although he didnt grow up with his real father, he felt he had an older brother.

13:24 You See a Dad, You Go For it
Laird talks about how he saw this guy on the beach and decided he wanted him as a father.

16:20 Lessons Growing Up
Laird shares his biggest learnings as a child from his step-dad. A lot of the lessons you learn are of what not to be, what not to do. But the most important thing that Bill taught me, was to deal with things head on.

21:06 When you meet your real father
Laird talks about what it was like in his head and the thoughts that came to him when he met his father. The questions, the doubts and all the things that just were happening.

32:28 The Most Important Thing About Raising Your Girls
Larry and his wife focus on the person, on their well-being before anything else.

36:06 The Family Bed
Laird shares how he and his wife have created reliability for their daughters from this simple and primal practice.

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