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Raising Girls Who Advocate, Influence and Lead with Dr. Tim Jordan

For all those of you who have daughters between the ages of 5 and 25, this show today is for you. I am grateful to have Dr. Tim Jordan. Dr. Jordan is an expert on parenting girls. He’s a counselor. He will give us simple sound advice on raising daughters and we know we need it.

Dr. Jordan is the author of “She Leads”, a practical guide for raising girls who advocate, influence and lead. Dr. Tim Jordan is also going to tell us how we as fathers can best help our daughters become empowered and confident.

He highlights the unique challenges that girls face that dads might not be aware of and he also explains how to teach girls how to navigate pressure, speak up for themselves and discover the true gift of who they are.

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What You’ll Learn

3:39 What Was It Like Growing Up
Tim speaks about his childhood  and how this shaped a lot of the decisions he has made throughout life. A large family has a different dynamic and it involves everyone helping, but it also can be an extra weight for some of the family members.

4:40 Choosing Between Order and Chaos

Dr. Jordan talks about how being one of 8 children, things could get a bit hectic, but his mother who watched over them while his father worked, chose ORDER amongst the chaos, meaning, it was a strict household.

12:14 What Advice Would you Give Yourself

Larry asks Dr. Jordan what advice he would give himself. 

Dr. Jordan explains what he means by the dots and explains how he talks to his patients and what society has taught us to do. 

23:31 Do it for YOUR reasons

If you took every adult in the country, ages 25 to 35, what percentage of them have a four-year degree? The real number will surprise you!

15:21 The Theory Of Dots

26:18 What Companies are looking for when hiring

30:14 Rate Your Intelligence

Dr. Jordan runs Larry through a rating exercise that will help talk to your kids and even yourself discover your REAL intelligence.

39:38 How Girls Are Seen Vs Boys

The way that boys and girls are compared and the ways to acknowledge girls. 

41:18 The Qualities You’re Missing in Your Daughter

Dr. Jordan gives some good examples of how girls judge each other in society and the disconnection between what they see as leadership at a young age vs. what that is like as they get older.

43:47 Why Characters in Movies Should Matter To You

Tim shares some ideas to help create a bond with your daughter through characters in movies and shows. 

45:46 Foxes & Feathers

Dr. Tim shares a story that he tells his patients about giving or keeping their power. 

53:18 Do This Before Giving Feedback

Dr. Jordan tells us a huge tip that he recommends we do before we provide feedback to your daughter, and this can also be used with our wife!

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