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Roman Prokopchuk – A Dad’s Guide to Fostering Love and Security

Roman Prokopchuk is the Founder and CEO of Nova Zora Digital, and host of the Digital Savage Experience Podcast. He is also known as the digital savage, a self-taught digital marketer who ventured into the field out of necessity and developed a passion for it. He is also a foster parent who has welcomed 29 kids into his home since June 2018.

In this episode, Larry converses with Roman about his journey as a foster father. Roman’s path to foster parenting began following multiple miscarriages and struggles with infertility that he and his wife faced.

They suffered six miscarriages, and after discovering his wife’s pregnancy difficulties, they underwent expensive infertility treatments. Despite these efforts, they experienced repeated losses, including two miscarriages on Christmas Day. These heartbreaks cast a shadow over their holiday season, pushing them to explore alternative means of starting a family. With adoption costs being prohibitive, they found fostering as a feasible option.

As a Ukrainian immigrant, Roman admits to initially having a distinct perspective on fatherhood and masculinity. However, he’s learned the value of grieving and seeking support in hard times. He underlines the necessity for men to acknowledge and address their emotions, not just focusing on supporting their partners.

Concluding the interview, Roman’s story shines a light on the emotional journey of becoming a foster parent following personal hardships. It underscores the resilience and compassion inherent in opening one’s home to children in need. Roman’s journey is an inspiration, demonstrating that life’s unexpected twists can catalyze profound personal growth and a chance to positively influence many young lives.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Address trauma effects through therapy.
  2. Prioritize and invest in relationships.
  3. Break abuse cycles and create safe environments.

What You’ll Learn

00:00:11 Foster parenting after miscarriages.

00:09:14 Emotional repression can have consequences.

00:12:19 Lesson from difficult upbringings.

00:16:01 The impact of childhood trauma.

00:23:21 Importance of routine and therapy.

00:26:31 Supporting children in foster care.

00:36:59 Creating a safe environment for children.

00:38:32 Be present with your children.

00:42:08 Prioritize quality time with family.

00:50:56 Prioritize marriage for healthy parenting.


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