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If I Could Give My Younger Self Advice

Many of the Dad Edge podcast listeners have reached out and told me that they’d like to know more about my story. In this episode, I share more about my story and not only that, but things like, what have I learned throughout my life. 15 years as a father, 19 years of marriage, and for me, the premise of the show is, if I could go back and do things differently based on what I have learned, what would those things be? 

We go into a few different directions such as how to overcome adversity, and learning to ask yourself the right questions. I talk about raising young men and what I have done wrong, but also  how I am doing things differently now.

What You’ll Learn

5:50 Interview Begins

5:52 The power of music
Larry shares why he is so intentional with music and the secret behind music and family.

10:36 Creating Patience
Larry talks about how patience is not a feeling, it is a skill. He has taken a lot from the year’s interviews with top performers he has interviewed like Navy SEALS and now implements himself.

13:51 How to Avoid Being Triggered

17:53 Dont Set Yourself Up for Failure

25:56 The First 40 seconds
Larry shared about how the first 40 seconds will dictate the energy of the converation on any interaction.

27:45 Are You Gonna Be My Dad?
Larry Hagner talks about a story in which Larry met the man that gave him his last name and how things were as a child things got dark very quickly in the following years.

30:30 The Night I saw My Father Again
Larry shares about the time he saw his father 11 yrs. after he got divorced from his mom.

33:15 How I Met My Real Father

41:00 Seeing my Father since I was 12
The story of how I met my father again

49:00 Negotiating in marriage

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