Aaron is a military dad with purpose

3 Reasons To Give Thanks to Those Who Protect Us

A Military Dad deserves our highest respect

A few weeks ago, I sat down to watch my first non-animated movie in months.

If you have kids (chances are you do if you are reading this blog), then you know it is virtually impossible to sit through an entire movie you have been wanting to see for weeks, months, or maybe years.

I don’t have a long list of movies that I really want to see anymore.  Life is too crazy with my work, my blog, homework, school, activities, kid’s sports, and trying to spend quality time with “the Mrs.”


For the past year, I have been wanting to see the movie “Lone Survivor.”  I had heard from so many that it was a “must see.”  I had heard the film was pretty intense, action packed, and would jolt you out of your seat.

A couple of weeks ago, I actually got a window of time to watch it with a friend of mine.  The movie didn’t disappoint at all.  It  left me completely speechless.

The last movie that made me tear up was “Rudy” and that was about 20 years ago.  After the movie was over and the credits started to roll; I was speechless, choked up, and found myself unable to comprehend my new found respect for what our men and women in our armed forces go through on a regular basis.

I have always thought very highly of any man or woman in uniform, but seeing this movie took it to a whole new level of appreciation for these dedicated soldiers who sacrifice everything.

When you see a Military Dad in uniform, never forget:


1.  They Are Fighting for your Freedom and deserve your respect:

When you see a person in the armed forces make sure you acknowledge and thank them for their service.

2.  They are leaving loved ones behind to fight for our country:

Never forget when you lay eyes on someone in uniform, there are several people (and family members) that are constantly missing them.

3.  They are putting their own life, health, and well-being on the line for us:

Anyone who puts this much on the line for anyone deserves our respect and gratitude.


Earlier this month, I recieved a heartfelt email from Tonya, who follows the Good Dad Project Community.  Check out what she wrote about her husband Aaron, who is only 1 month away from deployment:

“The reasons why he’s a good dad is that he takes the time to spend one on one time with each of the kids. He always makes sure that he also spends time with both of them together.
Aaron is a Military Dad with purpose
One of the coolest things he does with our daugheter is campouts.   In the summer, they set up a tent in the backyard and camp outside.  In the winter, they camp in the basement in our spare bedroom. That’s something special that they love to to do!
With our son, he plays cars and teaches him about tools.
Recently, he did something with both of them that was incredibly impactful.  He took both kids to Build A Bear to make a teddy bear with a voice message from him.   So, when he’s deployed they can play it when they miss him.
As a husband, he’s my best friend and my other half.  He’s always there for me.
No matter if it’s just to have 5 minutes by myself to shower or to have a moms night out. He even surprised me by getting me 2 tickets to see Jason Aldean when he came to St.Louis.   The funny thing is, he is not even a country music fan.  So, I was able to take a good friend to the concert with me.
He’s an amazing husband who is always there for me and understands me like no other. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.

I’m proud of him because his job can (and does) take him away from the kids and I.  His time away from us can be weeks, months, or even a year.
Even though the kids and I are most important in his life, he goes away to serve his country and he sacrifices so much just to do so. He might not always be around for our birthdays, special events, or holidays; but he never forgets.  He’ll always sends us voice memos or something special to remind us that he cares and wishes he could be here with us.
Aaron is a military dad family man
Member of the U.S. Coast Guard
Enlisted for 12 years and still active duty.

Without a doubt, what Tonya wrote about Aaron strikes a heartfelt cord with all of us.  Tonya, thanks so much for such a heartfelt email.  Aaron, thank you so much for all you do to serve and defend our country!

If you know someone in the Armed Forces, please share this article with them.  Give them respect, love, and thanks.

All the Best,


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