How Your Past Doesn’t Have to Define Your Future with T.C. Stallings

T.C. Stallings is a former professional athlete now finding success in film and television.His desires shifted from football to acting in 2004, when he landed a spot on Animal Planet’s King of the Jungle, a reality television show where he emerged as the season 2 champion. 

In 2011, T.C. made his feature film debut in the movie, “Courageous” where he portrayed the memorable character, “TJ”.  It was in 2015 however, that his career reached new heights with his break-out performance as “Tony Jordan” in the hit film, “War Room”, which soared to #1 at the box office. He is promoting his latest movie “No Vacancy” where he portraits Cecil Johnson.

T.C. is also a nation-wide brand ambassador for Clearplay, a filtering company with the mission of providing families with clean, wholesome entertainment options. T.C. is a wide-ranging actor, a huge advocate for clean family entertainment, and enjoys creatively getting involved in philanthropic efforts around the world.

What You’ll Learn

02:44 Conversations with Children

TC Stallings on the brevity of life and having these conversations with his children

04:25 On meeting his biological dad

TC STallings tells his experience of what it was like to meet his father at the age of 18. He says that above all things, it was not as he expected or imagined, that it was an overwhelming experience because during his life he was never spoken of, nor were there any photos of his father. TC Stallings expected it to be a magical reunion, but he didn’t feel anything, he mind focused on going to college. Years later he had the opportunity to reunite with his father and it was different, and he was able to forgive him.

12:11 Having the chance to break the chain

T.C. Stallings shares that his mindset when he was young was to have a family where he could break the cycle. When he grew up he did not have a father figure to teach him about football or take him to his games, where he grew up there were drugs and violence and because of this he saw his family fighting with other families and seeing all this T.C. Stallings prayed that he could have a wife that had the same values and vision of life to have a son and daughter and raise them in a different way, breaking the chain of this toxic cycle because he knows what it does to you not growing up with a father present or in an unhealthy environment.

14:38 The value TC Stallings places on his family

17:35 Not letting your past define your future

T.C. Stallings recounts the moment he realized that the life he was leading with his family was not what he wanted for his future. He tells how he once saw his family getting into a fist fight with another family where everyone was against everyone else, and he had no one to fight with, so he grabbed a stick and was about to join the fight when his stepfather stopped him and told him to stay out of it. By staying out of it he was able to realize that this was what his family did and what brought them together: these patterns of what you’re supposed to do. That’s when he realized he had to start something new and different for his future in order to get out and break that pattern.

21:59 On his role on No Vacancy

23:12 About the person they based the movie on

25:20 On becoming Cecil Johnson

TC Stallings talks about what it was like to be able to play Cecil Johnson and everything he had to study, research and do to get into character.

29:30 TC Stalling said that playing Cecil Johnson has been the most challenging role.

32:16 On being a faith-based actor

T.C. Stalling’s Links

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