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Transcending Financial Problems Once and for All with Damion Lupo

Is our money really safe in the stock market, IRAs and 401ks? Or is it best to diversify? What is it Wall street doesn’t want you to know when it comes to your money? Financial mentor Damion Lupo reveals the astonishing truth about how investment works to help us take total control of our money and transcend financial problems once and for all.

Most of us go on auto-pilot when it comes to our investments. We’re too busy. We don’t educate ourselves on all the financial products. Many of us put all our eggs in one basket because that’s we feel it’s the safest bet. Also, most of us are unaware that we are paying fees that will add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

Damion Lupo

Raised in Alaska, Damion is part Alaskan, part Texan and 100% Reinvention. He’s a four-time college dropout who cut his teeth in the trenches of real life, becoming a self-made multimillionaire by age 25.

He’s the founder of Yokido, holds a black belt in Aikido, is a practitioner of yoga and a student of Reiki. He’s a lifelong student of Austrian economics and runs a precious metals company based in Austin, Texas.

Currently, Damion spends his time teaching and lecturing on the art of Reinvention with his unique teaching style focused on his personal life experiences and the process for developing consciousness and awareness to the truth.

Damion’s story

Throughout his life, Damion was always pushing the limits. His father tried to put structure in place, but Damion was always looking for the edge. His conservative dad believed in getting a degree and landing a government job and was scared when Damion left college to go out on his own in investing.

Damion experienced unbelievable success and devastating failure. He had millions in cash. Feeling invincible, he doubled down, found bigger deals, and got into debt. Instead of being patient, he stopped listening to other people. Within a year, he was bankrupted and his properties were in foreclosure. Things unraveled. He didn’t have the right people around him. He spiraled out of control and his health fell apart.

Damion remembers one of the last conversations he had with his father. With only a few weeks to live, his dad confessed to Damion that there were just so many things he wanted to do. In that moment, Damion realized that he was going about his life wrongly. He didn’t ever want to have the same regrets at the end of his life, and he didn’t want anyone else to either.

Making it Back from Failure

Damion says, when you’re accustomed to success, you have no failure to reference. Most men pretend everything is okay. Damion hid from the world and reality and it took a couple years for him to look at what was real. A lot of it was that he didn’t know what he was doing. Could he ever be successful again? Was it all luck? His confidence blew up. He doubted that he ever had any ability. He had to ground himself and find out who he was. If our self-worth depends on the success and we lose that, we don’t know what our identity is.

Making money is easy but it will go away If you’re not right in the head and you’re not right in the heart.

He shifted his focus. Instead of dollars and shiny cars, he lives for purpose and seeks to touch lives. He realized that he was not his balance sheet. He was not his mistakes. The key was asking for help. He struggled with his therapist before finally acknowledging all the carnage he created. He took 100% responsibility for everything. That was the biggest shift. 

Finances and couples

60% of divorces are from financial stress, but it’s a taboo for men and women to come together on it. They avoid facing financial problems, it becomes bigger, the relationship suffers.

The natural masculine desire is to be in charge and take care of the family. Sometimes, when we’re not sure of where we’re going, we just make it up. We don’t want to admit we have no idea how to provide for our families.

We have to realize that our spouse is our teammate and that the only way to fix the problem is to start being real about money. What are we spending it on? Why? What are the things we really care about?

One of the most powerful thing a man can do is admit he really doesn’t know about the intricacies of investments. Then he can find people who will tell him the truth and show him what he can’t see. This breakthrough will build the confidence to run the household without the fear.

Financial freedom is not money in the bank. It’s confidence. It’s your mission.

Transcending Financial Problems with a QRP

QRP stands for Qualified Retirement Plan, in which you are in charge of designing your plan. You can avoid taxes and fees while keeping all your profits in your plan. Damion says that his powerful financial tool is rarely heard of because Wall Street would close down if everyone switched to QRPs. He quotes John Bogle as saying that 80% of investment profits go the financial institution that had none of the risk and only 20% goes to the investor. Their fees chew the majority of the money an investor would make. The system will not talk about alternative investment strategies like QRPs to ensure their survival. They are protecting themselves.

Total Control Financial and the QRP

Damion Lupo and his team have an exclusive offer for The Good Dad Project audience. Go to to get the QRP report, a free ebook, and the first year’s fee will be waived. You have nothing to lose. Take the first step toward true financial freedom.

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