Dads who Adopt are Amazing too!

There are so many types of Dads out there.  Since I started this Project just a little over a year ago, I have had the opportunity to meet so many Dads.

I can tell you this…behind every face, there is a story.

The surprising thing I am learning through this Project is that most Dads keep pretty quiet about their own story, struggles, and accomplishments.

The goal of the GDP, is to be a voice for Dads.  It’s so important to simply recognize the everyday Dad who shows up with Purpose.

This week, I wanted recognize a true story of inspiration.

Doug Visconti just recently became a new Dad.

He and his wife Noelle adopted Anthony just a few short months ago.  Doug and Noelle have been going through the adoption process for years.  In fact, they have come close three previous times.

Unfortunately, the past attempts to adopt have resulted in the birth parents making a last minute decision to keep their child.  I cannot even begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster both Noelle and Doug have been on the past several years and attempts to adopt.

However, they kept moving forward despite their challenges.

Just a few months ago, they got a call from their agency letting them know this little boy, who was two months premature, was left in a hospital in Florida.

anthony hospital

Without thinking twice, they jumped on a plane and spent a month in Florida until little Anthony was healthy enough to go home.  I’m happy to say that Anthony is so healthy and is a part of a family who loves him more than life itself.


Check out what Noelle wrote about Doug:

My name is Noelle and my husband, Doug and I just adopted a baby, Anthony.

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why he is a Dad with purpose.  Not only did Doug sacrifice his expectation of having children of his own blood to fulfill his wife’s dream of helping a child already in this world, he also has made a decision to step up and become the father figure in a boy’s life.  Anthony was left alone in a hospital, waiting to see who would love him. He now has more affection and care than he may even want from Doug.  Doug talks constantly about what he wants to introduce to Anthony and how he wants to make sure his boy knows he will always have two people on his side, encouraging him and loving him along the way…no matter what. Adoption is just another means of creating dads with a purpose….  GOOD DADS at that!

Anthony and Doug

When we think about the everyday Dad, we usually think of the “Traditional Dad.”  We don’t always think about the perseverance and emotional capacity of our Dads who are desperately trying to adopt.  They definitely deserve some recognition.

Doug, thanks for inspiring us!  Noelle, thanks for sharing your story!

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  1. I enjoyed this article. My kids just went through the adoption process and it has given me great insight into the dedication adoptive parents need to persevere through the rigors of the adoption process.

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