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Confessions of a Terrible Husband with Nick Pavlidis – GDP015

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Confessions of a Terrible Husband

Nick Pavlidis writes, speaks, and coaches on improving relationships and starting/growing businesses in a way that respects family boundaries. His first book, Confessions of a Terrible Husband: Lessons Learned from a Lumpy Couch takes you inside the mind (and house) of a terrible husband who thought he knew it all and the process he undertook to improve his relationship from the inside out. Nick shows us how he became a terrible husband and gives us the exact process he undertook to become a more loving and engaged husband and father.

Key Take-Aways

  • Nick gives some pretty direct advice on how to improve work/life balance.

  • How we can confuse “work success” with “life and relationship success”

  • How to keep your priorities straight in marriage and business

Why Nick Was a Terrible Husband:

Nick was actually not a “stereotypical terrible husband.”  Nick was a loving, gentle, non-abusive husband.  However, before his transformation, he claims his life revolved around work.  During our interview with Nick, he reveals what it was like living in the mind, the house, and the relationship of “a self-proclaimed terrible husband.”

His Life Revolved Around Work

Before Nick’s transformation, he struggled with a serious imbalance of work and family time.  He tells us in the interview that his family obligations revolved around the demands of his day job as an attorney.

“Work/Family Balance” is something that nearly every Dad struggles with.  Reason being, we derive a lot of value and validation from the workplace.  At times it is so easy to confuse providing for our families in a materialistic manner vs. an emotional manner.

If you are struggling with this, trust me, you are not alone.  So many of us struggle with this daily battle.  Nick shares a lot of heartfelt tips and tricks to help all of us get over this obstacle.

How Nick Completely Changed

You may be thinking that Nick suddenly realized the error of his ways and made dramatic shifts in his perspective and behavior.  However, he tells us he did the exact opposite.

Nick states:  “I just tried to do the next right thing.”

Nick decided not to make a huge production about his decision to be better.  Instead, he decided to simply make daily shifts in his behavior all based around the mindset of “doing the next right thing.”  He based a lot of his new behavior, perspective, and actions on the below principles:

  • He used the leadership strategies he learned in the business world and applied them to his marriage.

  • He realized success in business didn’t mean success in life.

  • He focused on changing himself and not changing the people in his life.

  • He learned his triggers when he was more likely to be unpleasant.

  • He decided to help and learn life-changing guidance from mentors.

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