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How to Combine Family and Fitness for Busy Dads with Ben Greenfield

BEN GREENFIELD is one of the world’s top fitness experts and a father of twin 8-year old boys!

The invisible exerciser. You know, you might be that person: the one who wakes up before the birds, gets cardio and weight training out of the way, then miraculously show back up at home to get the kids up for school and get the rest of the day going. Or maybe you’re the opposite end of the spectrum: you don’t work out at all because you just can’t seem  to find the time to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule. Ben Greenfield, former bodybuilder and author of a multitude of fitness books including, 10 Ways to Grow Tiny Superhumans, joins the GDP to discuss the best ways to get your best workout while including your kids and teaching them the importance of fitness and nutrition.


It’s a Way of Life


Including exercise as a regular part of your daily routine with your kids teaches them that you believe exercise and taking care of your body is as critical as breathing.Granted, including kids in your workout can be annoying because they may not move at the pace you can or lift quite as much, but you don’t need to include them in the entire activity. For instance, they don’t have to participate in your whole 45 minute workout. Instead, they can join you for a smaller portion and then you can hammer out the rest of your workout.


It’s Not Just for the Gym


Working out doesn’t always mean you have to have a gym membership. Some of the best workouts can be outside-take a hike with your kids, run sprints up the hill, take a bike ride. It really doesn’t matter what you do, so long as your kids see that moving and exercising is part of your family structure. Why not use the weight of your kids to help get your heart rate up as you do walking lunges? That’s right, put your kid on your back and lunge away! This provides a compound movement that also gives you the extra intensity of having to balance unpredictable weight on your back.


Make it a Habit


We teach our kids that brushing their teeth at least twice a day is non-negotiable. So, why not teach them that physical fitness is also non-negotiable. If you simply tell them to go out and play or put down the gaming device without practicing what you preach, they won’t be so compelled to do it. But, if this habit is part of your daily ritual, your kids are likely to follow. And what better way to give your kids the fit foundation they need for their adult life than to lay the healthy groundwork right now?



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  1. Came across your page yesterday and it has been very inspirational to me. I am a 41 soon-to-be forty-two-year-old father-of-three and have always been looking something like this. Good to know there’s other men out there with the same feelings and ideas that want to live a certain lifestyle. I appreciate your time and effort keep up the good work..

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