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The Art of Survival with EJ Snyder

EJ Snyder

EJ Snyder is a husband, father, retired US Army combat veteran, actor, and survivalist. He has appeared on the show Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL. He was also a host on the TV show Dual Survival during its 9th season. EJ is married to his wife Amy, and they have two children, Tyler and Kassidy. 

EJ’s claim to fame can be seen through his extraordinary survival, tracking, trapping, navigation, self-reliance, and self-defense skills. He is known as The Skullcrusher, an extreme survivalist, and adventurer who has been teaching survival skills to soldiers and civilians for over 20 years. After serving in the military for 25 years, EJ knew he wanted to be in entertainment and inspire people to develop a survivalist mindset. 

Mindset is crucial to the element of survival. EJ is considered a master of mindset, and he talks about how you never quit just because it’s hard or because you’re in pain. You work around it, you force yourself to overcome obstacles, and finish the race. EJ’s mantra is live every day like it’s your last, and I think we can all benefit from this as fathers, husbands, and men. We have to take every chance we have in life to be the best husband, father, and man that we can be. It may be difficult at times, but with the right mindset, we have the power to live epic, legendary lives. 

What You’ll Learn: 


EJ gives us a background on Naked and Afraid and his other accomplishments.


EJ recalls his childhood and how he grew up.


EJ recalls his time in the Army and how he ended up where he’s at now.


EJ talks about his two kids.


EJ talks about how he went about fatherhood when his kids were younger.


EJ talks about why his spirit animal is the wolf.


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