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Your Best Self: Initiate the Transformation

Your best self exists somewhere in the future. How can you initiate the transformation and bridge the gap between who you are now and the man you are capable of becoming?

Today, we have everyday dad Ben Killoy on The Dad Edge. He is a long-time Dad Edge Alliance member and is now one of our call team leaders. Ben is a military veteran turned blogger and motivational speaker. He’s founded the Military Veteran Dad Podcast, and his mission is to bring every dad both physically and mentally back home to his family.

Ben talks about how he broke free from the fear and resistance that was preventing him from living to his full potential. He explains how he cultivated the self-awareness and self-love to become strong enough to lead himself and his family. He also shares how he’s grateful to be in a place to help other men to access the truth beneath their fears and initiate the transformation to their best selves.

If you want a result in your life you never had, you need to do something you never done.

The amount of people you’re talking to is directly correlated to the amount of opportunity you feel in your life. You can’t create new opportunity unless you’re talking to people.—Ben Killoy

What You’ll Learn

  • The moment Ben realized that no one is going to care when he is no longer around.
  • The power of connecting with others for opportunity.
  • Social media cannot replace human connection.
  • Men have a tendency to numb their feelings, keeping them stuck. Once you have access to the feelings, the dam breaks and you can move forward.
  • You never know the power of the words you say. You can move mountains.
  • What Ben learned about the meaning of masculinity
  • If you don’t love your past, your current situation, or the future you’re headed to, you can’t bring love into other people’s lives without some expectation of them meeting your needs.
  • When your outside doesn’t match your inside.
  • How to debunk and neutralize old stories you have about yourself.
  • How to grow “deep roots” to get you through any storm
  • You have everything inside already. You just have to believe it is there.
  • Look forward to meeting the new version of yourself.
  • Success doesn’t happen when conditions are perfect.
  • Advice for men who want to grow but are afraid to leave a comfortable (yet unfulfilling) life
  • Pick something you’ve always wanted to do, start it, and suck at it.
  • Fear holds you back, but love conquers fear.
  • Why you can’t be strong for your spouse if you don’t love yourself.
  • How to open up new possibilities for yourself through intentional challenge
  • How to have real conversations that lift you up
  • If you don’t have a tribe, you will always feel like something is missing.
  • Why you should learn how to talk to strangers
  • Using the coronavirus pandemic as a time to reflect and grow


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Dominic Quartuccio
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