Why Nice Guys Don't Get Their Needs Met
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Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Their Needs Met

Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, dropped some knowledge bombs on us in our last episode. He also did a live Q & A with our Dad Edge Alliance membership group. Today you will hear a clip of highlights from the call itself as Dr. Robert Glover expands on why nice guys don’t get their needs met.

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Mr. Nice Guy’s 3 Covert Contracts

  1. If I’m a good guy, I will be liked and loved (and women will desire me).
  2. If I meet other people’s needs without them having to ask, they will meet my needs without me having to ask.
  3. If I do everything right, I’ll have a smooth problem free life.

The number one way to stop the effects of Nice Guy Syndrome is to assume the responsibility of taking better care of ourselves and making sure our own needs are met.

Each of us is like a big cup that only holds so much. Nice guys take care of everyone else and hope that others will fill them back up. We can’t figure out why we do everything right and yet fail in our work, love, and sex life. We become more desperate to please and seek validation from others. Women turn a cold shoulder to us, not because they are rejecting sex. They are rejecting the neediness.

When we take care of ourselves, we become more generous and  more judicious givers. Healthy giving is not giving to get, it’s a measured response.

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