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Fitness: Getting Leaner Through Fasting w/ Joel Staley

On New Year’s day, my son Mason, challenged me to join a bodybuilding show along with him. We had 16 weeks to prepare. I was about 195 lbs.18% body fat and I needed to go extreme to meet the goals needed. For this I worked with Joel Staley and his team and I did some aggressive intermittent fasting. 

My guest today is Joel Staley. He is the founder of Joel Staley Fitness and the creator of the Shed Fat Fast Program. He has served over 1,000 clients that have been transformed and collectively his clients have lost more than 35,000 pounds over the past 3 years.

Joel is a husband to his beautiful wife and father of 3 girls.

What You’ll Learn

6:47 Interview Begins

7:25 Family First

Joel talks about his family, 3 girls and his wife.

8:06 Lessons from Raising Girls

Joel Staley shares his learnings from raising girls. He says it’s made him go back and question some of the decisions he made back in high school or in his Navy days of, just being a typical young testosterone filled male on a conquest. “When you start having little girls, you start thinking: if any dirt bag ever treated any of my princesses, like I did back when I was younger, I’d have their head above my fireplace.”

12:49 Fasting Journey

Joel Staley shares how he got into fasting. He signed up for his first Men’s Physique show and he got a 12 week dieting plan which he paid $250 for. The program worked but I regained the weight. That in itself led me for something better that could help me keep the weight off.

17:24 Flipping the Switch

It really boils down to flipping the switch on our mindset says Joel Staley when it comes to turning and being successful at fasting and staying on that path.

20:09 The First 24 hrs of Fasting

Joel Staley explains what happens in the first 24 hrs of starting a fast. He gives some tips for the first 24, then the 36 hrs and the effects on your body from doing this. 

21:53 Heavy Ketosis

Joel Staley provides in detail what heavy ketosis is and why it happens

25:40 Larry’s First 48 hrs of Fasting

Larry shares what the first 48 hours were like for him during his first fast and the effects he felt.

27:02 Joel’s Clients

Joel talks about his mission and why he helps fathers get leaner, healthier and enjoy life while doing so without any of this sucking.

30:39 Why Body Image Really Matters

Larry discusses the importance of your body image and why it really matters. It’s all about YOU feel and nothing else.A lot of guys know that they are not operating at the optimal health that they know they need to be at. It’s really about the feelings and the images that are associated with where you’re at.

33:15 Bicep Veins Popping

Larry talks about the data behind the fasting that he did and the results from it.

36:13 What’s the toughest part of fasting

Joel Staley tells Larry what the most difficult part of fasting is and how he helps other men overcome that. The first week is really what men struggle with and he calls that Hell Week. Fasting is not really about doing the first 36 and 48 hrs, it’s really about how you can implement it to your daily life.

41:21 Discovery Call

Larry tells the story of the discovery call he had with Joel and why Joel ripped his shirt off!

Joel Staley’s Links

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