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Discovering Life Through Death with Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer has been a funeral home owner for the last fourteen years. In addition to learning many things about love, loss, and life, his entrepreneurial spirit drove him to create two other funeral homes from the ground up. In doing so, he obtained fourteen loans over a ten-year period. As he was assembling yet another loan package for a bank one day, he thought there has got to be an easier way. He created a prototype and showed it to a friend. Together they built magillaloans.com, an anonymous loan search engine that educates and empowers all borrowers in the loan process.

Meyer has a Juris Doctorate and Master’s in Environmental Law (Magna Cum Laude) from Vermont Law School and a BA in Politics and History from Brandeis University. He has been a licensed New York State attorney for over twenty-four years.

Prior to his funeral life, he wrote, directed, and produced a low budget film called “Black is White”. He has been married for over eighteen years and enjoys coaching his sons in every sport. He is also a member of the Kiwanis Club and Chamber of Commerce in his community.

What You’ll Learn

4:13 On his past and being an empath

9:51 Focusing on the little things in life

17:50 D.E.S.T.

Chris Meyer explains what the acronym D.E.S.T. stands for and why it is one of the most valuable lessons in his life. Do Epic Stuff Today and live a simpler life. Chris Meyer mentions that we are already so tainted by technology and that we are always with our heads in our screens, so much so that we forget to live and enjoy the little things that are found everyday. And don’t forget to love, those 3 would be lessons that could be read or learn in his book,

24:36 Lessons learned from working at a funeral home

Chris Meyer mentions that one of the many lessons he has learned from working in a funeral home is to understand and make a connection with the people who come to engage his services, he says he generally connects more quickly with those who are wrecked because he understands the level of pain of wanting it all to be over quickly. Something he also mentions is to be able to see the kind of person the deceased was when their loved ones remember them, and of course, when you find children remembering their mom or dad in a nice way you always get the thought of wanting to be like that, to be remembered in a good way.

29:32 Quote

31:27 On his dad being the way he was, not the way he wanted him to be

Chris Meyer talked about how his dad was never a sports dad, but he did see him being happy with his job. Larry comments that today almost 8 out of 10 men are not happy with their jobs, but they do it for their families. Derived from this topic Chris Meyer says that he never expected his dad to be any different, nor did he need to because he subconsciously knew what his dad was and was not. He says that for him one must pursue what one is, be happy and smile, and if not, change course.

38:16 On success

40:53 On marriage: fighting through the hard times 

Chris Meyer talks about marriage and says that it is indeed hard work, it’s not easy but for him there is a beauty in the resilience of marriage and the couple. He says it’s a matter of fighting through the tough times. For Chris Meyer the key to a lasting marriage is in the simplicity of things: it’s a lot less complicated than we make it and it’s learning about each other over time.


Chris Meyer comments on a story Larry tells about one of his sons who went to his mom instead of his dad, and it’s about making a great team with your spouse and knowing that many times you’ll be the one who fixes your kids and other times you’ll be the one who waits and doesn’t ask.

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