The Dad Edge

2021 Business Launch Pad


One Day Virtual Interactive Experience January 7th!

Session 1 - 10:30 am to 1 pm EST
Session 2 - 2 pm to 4:30 pm EST



The truth is no one knows when the world will return to normal. Uncertainty is at all time highs. There’s no end in sight.

And yet one truth remains absolute:Fortune favors the bold.

Everything you want – from scaling your business, to strengthening your relationships to optimizing your health and fitness – is within your power to create.

Most people have their heads down trying to figure out how to get by and survive.

Not you…

You’re a business owner that’s relentlessly looking for the edge that will allow you to THRIVE.

The Dad Edge Business Launchpad is the immersive, collaborative, and actionable advantage you need to powerfully seize control of your destiny.

When the world changed, the Dad Edge responded by creating signature, world-class virtual experiences that are changing what it means to be a business owner and father forever.

Get ready to welcome Larry Hagner and a panel of thought leaders into your home for this amazing event to start your 2021.

Overview of the LaunchPad


Expert Guidance and Q&A with DE Accelerator Mastermind rock stars who are crushing it!


Learn how to radically increase your conversion rate in an online world


Unlock the wisdom of your peers to develop laser-focused action plans

Dad Edge Mastermind Experience and Launchpad so Powerful?

This cutting-edge event for business dads will help you get clarity, wisdom and direction to grow your business and strengthen your relationships in times where many have lost everything.

In only ONE day you’ll discover the future you most want, learn how to serve and convert potential clients and develop action plans to build forward momentum into your DNA and operating systems.

Using the very latest group facilitation techniques you’ll be thrust into an experience where you go deeper than you thought possible faster than you thought possible.
You’ve never experienced anything like this.

Now is the time to lead. To lead yourself, to lead your family and to lead your business towards what you most want.

NOW is YOUR time to take action and create the impact you know you are capable of with the Dad Edge Business Launchpad!

About Your Hosts

Larry Hagner

Larry is the creator of The Dad Edge Podcast. Featured as one of the top dad podcasts on iTunes, the show has received over 5 million downloads. Larry is the author of 2 bestselling books. He has featured some of the most elite humans on the planet. He lives in St. Louis MO with his wife Jessica and their four boys.

Jeff Bouwman

Jeff spent 20 of his 25 years helping the organizations he worked for, launch and scale their operations by exponential amounts. Today, he owns three businesses and is the President and Founder of Adaptive Growth Systems, a consulting firm focused on helping business owners scale their operations (without sacrificing their most precious resource….their time)! In addition, Jeff is a best-selling Author, CPA, Speaker, Faculty Member, and globally recognized Sales Trainer.

Jason MacKenzie

Jason is an accomplished leader, an author of a well-received book on fatherhood and an entrepreneur. He's worked with some of the leading companies in the world to help them foster a sense of belonging, unlock the collective wisdom in their teams and drive continuous innovation. He's been facilitating elite mastermind groups for fathers for over 4 years. He lives with his wife Tanja and two teenage daughters in London, Ontario, Canada. In addition to having over 25 years of business experience, Jason is a bestselling author, Certified XCHANGE Implementer, Life-Coach, and Leadership Trainer. He is also a Globally recognized Event and Mastermind Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, fitness guru, and husband and father to two amazing teenage girls

WHO IS THE Dad Edge Business Launchpad FOR?

The incredible men who will attend this life-changing experience with you have 3 important characteristics in common with you:

If you can look yourself in the mirror and say “I am committed to elevating these three pillars in my life” then…
THE Dad Edge Business Launchpad is where you belong




We move towards the images we most persistently hold in our minds and hearts Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine your life 5 years from today. What does it look like?

Have the courage to imagine what it looks like. What does it feel like…for you and those you love most?

The Dad Edge Business Launchpad will introduce you to new people, new tools and a new mindset that will propel you toward the life you want most.

“I came to the group to Mastermind around my goal of Freedom. It was ambitious but Larry, Jeff, and Jason inspired me to do it…and I can’t believe it is now a reality! It’s exactly how I wrote it out. Thank you all for being the catalyst to such a monumental shift in my life! I will always appreciate you and the group immensely!"
Scott B.
“I've done a lot of personal development work over the years and nothing has ever been as powerful as the exercises I did in these mastermind sessions. The level of conversation that goes with these exercises is unbelievable – this mastermind group surpasses any I've been a part of before. My results in my business keep getting better and I am spending less and less time in the weeds!"
Philip S
“I have never been experienced a mastermind group like this before, and it has been better than I could have ever imagined. I’ll be showing up as long as you’ll let me!”
Kahle S