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John Benzick – What It Takes To Help Your Kids Start Their Dream Business

John Benzick is a serial entrepreneur and the owner in at least 3 startups since 2000. He’s worked with companies like McDonald’s Best Buy, and Hershey. John feels led to help the next generation of kids reach their dreams, and recently authored the book Eli’s Lemonade Startup.

Entrepreneurs often get caught up in business, but John knows the importance of making time for family. He and his wife have a blended family of four children, one of whom is their biological son. They understand  having fun together is essential for building strong relationships with their kids.

John Benzick and his wife make time for family activities like skiing, windsurfing, playing guitar, and exploring faith topics together. He also shares a story about how his mother taught him to look through the lens of gratitude. She would ask him to look around and name three things he was grateful for. This simple practice is a great way to shift your perspective and remember to be thankful for the moments we have with family. 

Making time for family fun is necessary for creating strong relationships and a positive family culture. It can be as simple as playing a game together or riding bikes. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to take time to enjoy the moments you have together.

In this episode, Larry Hagner and John Benzick explore how to provide for your family, without getting lost in the busy, day to day hustle.

Larry’s Top Takeaways

  • How to be Value driven business owners
  • How we can teach our kids to create small businesses that solve other people’s problems
  • How we can zoom out from the day to day chaos of being a dad and look through the lens of appreciation.

What You’ll Learn from John Benzick

00:05:58 Have fun as a family.

00:12:24 Provide value to others.

00:13:05 Solve problems and bring value.

00:20:35 Nurture what lights your kids up.

00:33:05 Be present.

00:41:03 Enjoy life’s moments.

00:52:59 Connect through simple, everyday moments.

00:57:58 Live legendary!


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