veteran fathers

Honoring Our Veteran Fathers

Veteran Fathers have a special place in our heart.

For this show, it is just a THANK YOU from the Good Dad Project to our men (especially dads) and women who defend our country.  THANK YOU for putting your life on the line and defending the freedoms that we enjoy.

Thank you for all you do!  Thank you for your service!

Larry Hagner



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  1. I’m a veteran and new to podcast and i’m blessed enough to come past this podcast. I was looking for things to help me be better at the request of my wife, who is an amazing oracle for me. she gives me amazing insight so I want to be better for her and my now three kids (just had my third, at home, and I delivered him.) You guys are just what I needed, not too guru and not preachy just guys helping guys improve. Thanks for the podcast, and I have you on all day on google play as I work.

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