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Make Your Time Effective and Unforgettable

Being Time Effective is the best way to be present with our families.  The trick is to be effective with our time and not need more time in the day.

Twenty four hours. That’s what we have. That’s it. We are all equal in this fact. The difference is made when we decide how to divide our given time. Many times, though, we don’t even know where our time went.

Time Effective Means Commit to the Time

When we go into a day without a specific plan, and allow various people, events and our personal devices to hijack our schedules, we find ourselves lost. But, if we decide how we are going to spend our time and stay true to our plans, we feel more accomplished and find that we are accomplishing our goals. At first, it might be a hard habit to establish, but over time, you will find this personal mandate pays off in great rewards.

What’s Important

It’s so easy to allow our personal devices and social media to distract from what we find most important. If time with our family is critical and we spend much of our time physically with our family, but at the same time on our phones, then it’s time to make a decision. Maybe make it a rule that when you are with your family the phones are put away. This action builds an expectation that time together is sacred and that you value each other.
Our lives are busy. Everyone’s life is. With this fact, it’s easy to allow outside factors intrude on our personal goals and the things and people we value. But if we choose to set boundaries with our time and make a concerted effort to value the time of the people we love and care about, then we own our twenty four hours again and take our life back.


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