Re-igniting Your Life, Marriage & Family with Brian Pannuzzo

On today’s episode I am interviewing Brian Pannuzzo, an Alliance member, fellow father and amazing individual. He’s a certified nutrition coach who specializes in working with men whose professional success have cost them their health, marriages and their relationship with their family.

Brian went through a huge transition about six years ago. He was a Wall Street trader whose body and mind was completely broken. His marriage was on the brink of divorce and he thought all he had to do for years was provide for his family, and the rest should take care of it.

And then finally, six years ago, he woke up to a broken body, a broken marriage and a broken mindset. Everything on the outside appeared perfect on the surface, but underneath everything was falling apart. And throughout the years of tireless education and work, he’s developed a system that allows career-driven men to recover and improve their personal relationships, marriage, family, and take control of their life.

What You’ll Learn

12:19 Feeling and taking action
Larry talks about his workout partner and how he does not want to hear his excuses.

14:02 Stock trading
Brian talks about how he shifted his career from working in a corporate job in Wall Street to becoming a coach.

18:35 If you had all the money you needed
Brian poses the question, if you had all the money that you needed, what would you work on a few hours a day?

21:12 Professional Tire Kicker
Brian speaks about how mentality is so important and it is something that he struggles with in the sense that he feels that what he learned in corporate still affects him today.

22:23 Why Don’t We Do The Things We Need To Do
Brian talks about what his definition was for success and how that was all he knew. A lot of the times we get in the way of ourselves. And because of that, he self-sabotaged himself. Due to that, it is important understanding we are not alone.

27:27 Changing Habits
Brian quotes the book Atomic Habits on how changing habits is the quickest way and most permanent way to becoming the person who you say you want to be.

32:00 Not What I Signed Up For
Larry talks about an experience he went through and his wife put him on notice about it. And by doing so he opened up to be better in his relationship.

39:30 Letting Things Fester
Brian talks about how we as men will let things fester and not share with our partners.

43:50 How to Get In Motion
Brian shares quick ideas to help you get into making impactful changes in your life for you to be healthier.

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