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How Quitting Drinking Changed This Dad’s Life

This week’s Thursday Throwdown is the incredible story of James McDowall, a member of the Dad’s Edge Mastermind Group who went from being a hopeless drinker to a completely sober dad.

James McDowall is from Scotland and lives in Australia, two countries inebriated in drinking culture. You would think there was little chance of him succeeding in getting sober. Drinking had been part of his entire life. Even after his first children were born, he continued to drink heavily, sometimes to the point of being arrogant and foul-mouthed in front of his family. He frequently thought about giving up alcohol, but instead his drinking became worse and worse.

Then, one night he realized how close he was to losing everything he loved. He hasn’t had a drink since.

Listen as he tells us how living sober is anything but boring, and how quitting drinking has changed his relationships, his business, and his life in amazing and unexpected ways.

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