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How to Motivate the Unmotivated with Matt Granados

Most of us want to accomplish many things in life. We know we need to take action to improve our health, relationships, finances, and careers. But we wake up every morning without the motivation. Today’s guest is the expert on how to motivate the unmotivated.

Matt Granados is speaker, coach, and the author of Motivate the Unmotivated: A proven system for sustainable motivation. He reveals the difference between motivated and unmotivated people. He talks about how motivation is not a character trait, but a state of mind. He also tells us how we can strengthen the connection between actions and outcomes to motivate ourselves and others, including our kids.

Get ready to systemize motivation and finally make things happen!

Being motivated is not a character trait, it’s a state of mind.

Matt Granados

Over the last decade, Matt has tested, developed and helped thousands of others implement an effective and easy to duplicate system that will help you build an unbreakable foundation for your life as well as motivate even the most unmotivated individuals in your life.

These techniques in versions such as keynotes, workshops, and individual coaching have been taught and implemented in organizations of all industries and sizes. From Google Headquarters and Twitter to the United States Airforce and professional organizations all around the world. Matt has been able to teach these systems to thousands of individuals along with his team at Life Pulse, Inc.

With over 10 years and 10,000 hours of studying, using, and teaching these concepts, Matt is considered to be an expert on teaching individuals how to build an unbreakable foundation for themselves as well as their organization, along with how to properly manage motivation.

Matt is happily married to his wife and business partner (Maria) with two amazing kids (Natalie & Zach). The drive behind Matt is his obsession to make sure no person’s potential is wasted and that each person he comes in contact with, if they want, is able to experience their maximum level of success.

Motivate the Unmotivated: A proven system for sustainable motivation

Finally, a book that gives you applicable, implementable techniques for how to boost motivation in all areas of your life—as well as the lives of others. You know “what” you should do in order to motivate yourself and others. So why don’t you do it? No one has ever systemized the “How” to what you already know you should do. This book does!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to stop starting over
  • Why are some people motivated while others are not?
  • The difference between fear-based motivation and love-based motivation
  • Why you should never make your kids the butt of a joke
  • Allow your kids to fail and learn.
  • The dad is not supposed to be a friend to his kids. He is there to provide, protect, and prepare.
  • Matt’s journey with his daughter’s extremely rare genetic disorder
  • A happy family is not an accident. It’s intentional work.
  • Men try to fix problems instead of dealing with them.
  • Most guys would say that they are the emotionally stable one in their relationships, but the reality is that they are emotionally suppressed.
  • When you don’t handle your emotions, they’re going to make their way out as anger, pornography, drugs, or some other vice.
  • If you can’t learn to process your emotions, how can you expect to lead your family through their difficult feelings?
  • Don’t try to fix your weaknesses. Manage weaknesses and leverage strengths. This applies to helping your kids too.
  • How you can use video games like Fortnite to motivate your children
  • PVTT (Personal Value Tied to Task) is fundamental to motivation.
  • If you understand the value of what you’re doing, staying motivated is easy.
  • Balancing the 4 Vital Signs of Fulfillment–internal, relational, physical, and professional. When you balance these properly, it’s easy to walk through life.
  • If you’re not motivated enough as a dad, it’s because you don’t see the value in it.
  • Action=Outcome. Keep action and outcome connected so the steps you take now make sense.
  • Everyone has 1 of 3 motivational catalysts.
  • When you catch yourself falling back into a bad habit, instead of feeling shameful, be grateful that you caught yourself.
  • Gratitude reveals growth. In a grateful state, you will always see opportunity.
  • Don’t do anything that is not important. Ask yourself, what’s the value to you for taking this action?
  • Don’t use motivation to manipulate. Help others get what they want in order to get what you want.
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