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Creating a Work-Life Balance Environment with Alex Charfen

If you really wanna get to the heart and soul of a man who is working hard for his family, it’s all about trying to balance. Although it’s extremely hard to balance work, life, family, and even taking care of ourselves. Sometimes it feels absolutely impossible and that is today’s podcast with Alex Charfen.

Alex Charfen has created systems and processes that he not only loves to do, create businesses that are thriving, but also has time for his wife and two kids.

As a kid, he had a tough time learning. He had a tough time fitting in and following other people’s rules. Alex Charfen started his entrepreneurial journey in middle school. He went on to run a window washing service in high school and a financial consulting firm in college. In his twenties, he became a Fortune 500 consultant working for some of the most successful people in the world. 

In his early thirties, he and his wife started buying and selling houses. Following the economic crisis in 2007-2008, they lost everything and declared bankruptcy. They rose from the ashes to help our country recover real estate brokers in the United States to help our country recover from the biggest mortgage crisis in history.

Alex is now known as the go-to person for helping entrepreneurs ascend the Billion Dollar code and understand how to plan strategically throughout all of this, Alex’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs, to grow and scale their businesses and to make their greatest contribution to the world.

What You’ll Learn

6:11 Interview Begins

14:07 Marriage Lessons

Alex Charfen says: If success is important to you, make it a habit. Marriage should be seen as something you enjoy and you should be disciplined, set goals as a couple and be reviewing your marriage. Communication, money and sex are the 3 most common reasons why people get divorced, if you create a review process to which you invest time and dedication and make it a habit you can have a successful marriage.

18:09 Unspoken Expectations

Generally in marriage expectations are not talked about, there is a communication problem from the most basic level where even the disappointment of certain things is not talked about. To create a certain level of intimacy with your partner you must learn to communicate, talk daily about the things that bother you and your goals.

27:10 Putting Systems in Professional & Personal Life

Business owners end up doing everything, even when they have a team because the team does not take initiative at all. And then they feel overwhelmed; what the alex Charfen does is teach them a system that can help them not only to improve the workflow by anticipating what happens next, but to become true leaders.

29:50 Going Around the Circle

Alex Charfen shares a story about a marriage that was already bad in both their business and personal life. After implementing some processes from Alex’s training, his client shared a story that he calls going around the circle. It’s a great success story. 

41:59 Intention

On the subject of what your children have taught you, Alex answers that it’s intention. He shares a story of a person who asked him what was the most important thing in his life, to which he answered that it was his wife and daughters. This person told him, ok let’s check your calendar to see if it’s true.

From that day on he is always looking to be the dad that everyone wants to be with, in setting intention, in being interested and doing things together.

47:44 You Can Win Them All

People have this false conception that you can’t have everything in life, that there is no balance. But the truth is that just seeking balance can stress you out more than if you seek to be aligned in all 3 aspects of your life: personal, relationships, with your spouse, children, friends, etc; and with your business/finances. You have to create an integration of this, but it doesn’t happen overnight, you have to work at it.

56:35 Advice to Young Self

On a piece of advice to your younger self, Alex answers: my advice would be that not everything is going to be easy or perfect, but you must take into account that on the other side of the marriage there is a person with needs, and you must learn to communicate, to understand them and then things will be easier, without focusing on the struggles.

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