Chris Sajnog

Leading Our Family With Confidence with Chris Sajnog

Chris Sajnog, retired Navy Seal Sniper and father, comes on teh GDP and talks about lessons learned in the Seal Teams and how it relates to fathers and family.

There are always choices in every moment in our lives. Even when we think we don’t have a choice, we are always responsible for our response. Chris Sajnog, father, husband, former Navy SEAL, author and trainer shows the GDP what it takes to face those choices as our best self.

Chris Sajnog Background and Life

Chris comes from a struggling upbringing, but took those struggles and turned them into a successful life. Overcoming great adversity, Chris has developed a program that motivates individuals and teams to become their best versions. As a father, Chris inspires kids, including his own, to take responsibility for their own actions, through TEAM: Take responsibility, Encourage others, Ask for help, and Master yourself.

Taking Responsibility

It’s not always easy to do; owning our failures is hard. Not owning them, however, doesn’t teach us how to better ourselves. Instead, avoiding ownership simply delays the high probability we will make the same mistake in the future.

Encourage Others

When we help others to nurture their own talents, we are helping the greater cause. Each of us has skills and gifts that support each other; not one of us is completely equipped to handle it all. Encouraging others while sharpening our own talents strengthens the individual while providing a stronger outcome in any situation.

Ask For Help

It’s hard, but necessary. Swallowing your pride to ask when you need a hand shows that you have faith in others and are confident enough in yourself to know when you need an extra hand. Asking for help also helps to avoid embarrassing pitfalls when it’s clear you would have benefitted from another.

Master Yourself

This is critical. When we have a grip on our strengths, weaknesses and emotions, we can handle pretty much anything. When we don’t really know our true limits or how to control ourselves, our world can spiral out of control.

TEAM is not only critical for ourselves, but for those around us. As always, being the model for our children is the best way to teach them how to be their best selves.


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